• 10,200 BTR units have completed in London since 2009.
  • 8,700 more are under construction.
  • But only 260 BTR units started construction in Q1 2017 – the lowest quarterly figure since Q2 2014.

The flow of homes entering London’s Build to Rent sector continued to slow during Q1 2017. 

The number of developments going under construction specifically for BTR has dwindled to almost a handful.  The schemes involved are generally small – less than 50 units, and most of the BTR operators involved are relatively minor players.

Instead, the highest profile BTR deals to come to light in Q1 have tended to involve bulk acquisitions of off-the-peg stock from housebuilders like Barratt and Bellway.


  • 260 BTR units commenced construction during Q1 2017, which is the lowest quarterly figure since Q2 2014.
  • 900 BTR units completed in Q1 2017, which is just below the peak quarterly average of 970 in 2016.


  • BTR accounted for 14% of all private sales in Q1 2017, down from 26% in both 2015 and 2016.
  • 35% of sales to BTR operators in Q1 2017 were made prior to construction start, the rest were bulk purchases involving off-the-peg stock.
  • This compares to a high of 88% 2015 when the vast majority of units entering the sector were the result of pre-planned BTR construction.

Resulting BTR Sector:

  • A total of 10,200 BTR units have completed in 156 schemes across London since 2009.
  • 8,700 further BTR units are under construction in 76 schemes across London.


  • Rental data for individual schemes tends to show a relatively flat profile over the years since 2014.
  • If anything the recent market has exerted downward pressure on rents, particularly for 2-bed and larger units.

Croydon town centre is particularly saturated with recently completed entry level BTR apartments and incentives are now on offer in a number cases.